Friday, July 16, 2010

Introduction of the Organization K.Y.M.A.P.

It a youth Organization with ten members mainly Convened with social development. The organization started in year 2009 January.

The organization main office is situated in the town of Mang'ula. In the area near Mountain Peak Hotel.

Main Goals
1- To Co-ordinate activities within the society that are Considered with addressing three aspects of development.
-Lack of Income
2- Improve level of existence and standard of living society members and group of obtained basic needs necessary for further development of education Information, Spreading and changing again believes or Customs with in the Community.

Objective of the Organization
1- To collect and care dis - abled children at a place favorable for their daily growth.

2- to provide to them the health care. Catalan into Consideration that some of such children might have been HIV/AIDS Infected through their parents.